Aloha fellow business owners and entreprenuers...

As you may already know, a business' success depends on how well you maximize your time, as well as have the ability to achieve high quality work the first time without any revisions. 

Here at 808 Digital Market Place, a subsidiary of 360 Integrated Marketing Solutions, we specialize in numerous marketing disciplines, products and  freelance services that have proven to bring huge revenue and engagements to our clients.

Don't be fooled by our comparitively lower prices. That's because we are experts in what we do, & hence we can do the tasks in much shorter time periods while mainiting the utmost quality and professionalism. 

We strive to provide our clients with the best services and products that are availbale in the marketplace. We pride ourselves on staying in the "know", and are continuously educating ourselves on the latest trends, strategies and principles in the marketing industry. Needless to say, we LOVE what we do and we'd love to have the chance to earn your business.  

It's time to provide you with  quality Services & Products... Afterall, you deserve it! 

Go ahead & pick the Product or Service (s) of your choice & witness the magic in your business.


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Customer Testimonials


Excellent work. thank you again!!


There were just 2 things I think could be done better but after the first delivery, he adjusts everything to my needs I give strong 5 for communication and quick work :)


This was already my second order and I'm completely satysfied with his work. REALLY FAST delivery. Will work with him again


Super easy to communicate and also given a lot of suggestions for my brand! Will definitely want to work with him again!


have seen such an amazing traffic . Highly Professional. I would definitely recommend this service.


I have never seen a video page like this. This works so well and my conversions have increased soo much. Thanks a lot for the service.


I really loved their Smart Personalized Videos.


This is one of the Best Services i have seen. This has scaled my Sales like nothing before. These guys are the best.


I loved the creativity!


These are the best animated videos i have seen. These guys are really talented. More projects coming your way!