ADA Website Compliance

We will ensure that we get your website in compliance with the ADA Compliance and WCAG Acts.

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Did you know, all businesses, regardless of size, must abide by Title III of the ADA. This provision prevents discrimination against customers with disabilities and requires businesses to provide accommodations that improve accessibility and participation for disabled customers.You may have an excellent website that meets or exceeds your business prospects, but by ensuring that it's equally accessible to those with disabilities you'll not only stay clear of potential legal issues, but stand out amongst your competitors and be seen as a leader in your field.
We will perform our custom ADA audit on your website and address any issues and then implement the necessary changes and get your site in ADA/WCAG Act compliance. 

ADA Website audit fee waived with purchase of this service!

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We will bring your website into ADA compliance. Price is initially $450.00 and $97.00 per month

 7 Days Delivery    

What's Included

  • Improve Brand Goodwill
  • Improve Website Trust
  • Improve Brand Goodwill